Guide Profiles
Our guides are United States Coast Guard licensed captains. We use the finest equipment (from treestands to airboats) and keep everything well maintained. All boats are equipped with the USCG required safety items.

All nessesary equipment for each hunt, fishing trip, and adventure is provided. We welcome you to bring your own gear, but please check with us prior to the trip. We will also provide light drinks (sodas and waters), a cooler full of ice, and bug repellant/sunscreen. If there are any items that you have forgotten or would like us to bring, please notify us and we will be happy to try and provide you with them.

Capt. Peter Deeks Jr.

I have been passionate for the outdoors since early childhood. Growing up on Merritt Island, Florida, I was home-schooled through high school. The great part of the home-schooling experience was the time it afforded me to fish and hunt almost on a daily basis which was easy considering my house was on the Indian River. As I grew older, I upgraded my small jon boats for flats boats and airboats, and increased the range of my hunting and fishing territory.  During this time I met Robert Rohmann, and we began to fish and hunt on a regular basis. Fueled by my desire to learn and study the patterns of both fish and animals, I fell in love with fishing tournaments. In 2004, I joined good friend Capt. Rocky VanHoose to create Native Sons Pro Fishing Team. Under Native Sons, we traveled the state of Florida fishing three national redfish circuits, as well as many regional events. I was blessed with the opportunity to fish as a full time professional angler, and hunting trophy animals every season, while earning a Bachelors in Biology from Rollins College. My education in Biology (with an emphasis in marine and red drum studies) has allowed me to be able to “share” a great amount of scientific and practical knowledge of Florida's wildlife, and their habitats.

After completion of my Bachelors degree, I started Native Sons Outfitters along with Robert Rohmann, and Roland Jones. Being a fishing guide, professional tournament angler, and hunting guide, has taught me to learn and follow the patterns of Florida's different species of game animals.  Spending most of my days out on the water or in the woods (over 250 a year), has really made me appreciate the special landscapes and wildlife Florida has to offer.


Capt. Robert Rohmann

Growing up on the Banana river, in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, encouraged a childhood that was totally wrapped up in the Outdoors.  I either surfed, fished, or hunted almost every day (which was made possible by being homeschooled.)  Surfing was really my true focus growing up and in 2002 I started to surf professionally - traveling the globe.  Surfing eventually became my job, as I competed in contests and also worked for Oakley as their team and marketing manager for the south/east US.  I was, however, always able to find plenty of time to fish and hunt.  As the surfing industry began to lose its luster I began to fish tournaments more seriously, and spent just about every free moment I had out exploring in airboats.  I eventually worked my way up the ladder in the surfing industry with companies like Spy Optics.  But, it was at this 
time, that I really started looking for a different career path.

I have always had a real passion for hunting trophy animals and fish, and this passion got the best of me.  Leaving most of the surfing industry behind me, I started Native Sons Outfitters with long time friend, Peter Deeks, and Roland Jones.  This has allowed me to do what I really enjoy, as I am able to spend most of my time guiding, and exploring out on the St. Johns River.  The ability to share Florida's beauty with others, and helping hunters get their "trophy of a lifetime" gives me great


The Backbone of Native Sons
                     Native Sons Team Members

Dante Bustamante

Dante is a very integral part of the Native Sons Team.  Dante prides himself as being "all that is man" and a pretty gruff guy.   However, he's actually one of the nicest and funniest guys you would ever want to meet.  He is also an accomplished and experienced hunter,  and travels the east coast of the US hunting deer, alligators, geese, and ducks.  Dante is a huge part of the success we have out in the field.... those beautiful food plots, perfect duck blinds, and awesome tree stands did not just appear.  Dante also spends a lot of time assisting in the scouting and tracking of trophy animals.

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