Big Game Hunts

Central Florida has, arguably, the best alligator and wild boar hunting in the world, and those are the two big game animals that we specialize in.  Let us give you a hunt of a lifetime and a  Sunshine State trophy!

Alligator Hunts

Florida Hunting Season
2014 Season:
August 15th through November 1st

Hunting on our tags and licensing:
The Hunt is $500 for one or two hunters.
Each alligator harvested will be an additional $1,000.

Our average hunt is one or two hunters wanting to harvest one alligator.  The total price for this successful hunt is $1,500.

We do not charge trophy fees, and separate out the pricing as such to accomodate all hunters.  Guaranteed kill, flat rate hunts, tend to put stress on the guide to kill the first decent sized gator that is found.  This usually ends up in a stressful evening and a poor quality animal.  Also, trophy fees can get very expensive for the hunter wanting to harvest an alligator over 10 feet.  Our pricing allows the trophy hunter the opportunity to hunt multiple nights until his or her prize has been captured without a big price tag.  This price structure also does not punish the average hunter with big fees if he or she takes a trophy during the hunt.

Hunting on the hunter's tags and licensing  
The hunt is $500 for one or two hunters.
Each alligator harvested is an additional $300.  

It is our priority, with all of our alligator hunts, that our clients have an enjoyable experience while harvesting their trophy of a lifetime!  We have a 100 % success rate with two nights of hunting, with our clients taking many gators between 10 and 13 feet.  Success is very important to us, and we take great pride in our reputation.  We offer two hunting packages, and do not charge a "pay by the foot" trophy fee - our rate is all inclusive!  We feel that no one should have to count their savings prior to pulling the trigger on a trophy of a lifetime - searching for the biggest animal is one of the excitements of hunting.  All hunting equipment is provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.  All animals harvested are yours - the meat is delicious, and the hides can be made into wallets, belts or boots!

Our alligator hunts are conducted through the state's public alligator hunting season.  We can either hunt on your tags or ours.  Our tags are very limited - we recommend that you book in as far in advance as possible if hunting on ours!  If you have questions about acquiring your own tags, please contacts us and we'll be happy to help. 

Our Hunting Techniques

The alligator hunts are conducted mainly during the nighttime hours - one hour before sunset  to one hour after sunrise (for the 2011 season we may have more daylight hunting time).   We hunt out of both airboats and flats boats.  Archery equipment is encouraged, but harpoons may be used if preferred. 

The alligators' eyes are highly reflective when shined with a light at night- this is how they we locate them in the marsh.  The two techniques we employ to harvest them are the "run and gun", and the "stalk".  The "run and gun" method is where the hunter will sit in the front of the airboat with a crossbow or compound bow.  We then drive through the marsh and look for a "shooter" gator.  When a good alligator is located, we'll drive up on them for the shot (very action packed)!  Stalking the gators is a little more relaxing, and is similar to other types of big game hunting.  We'll park the airboat on the edge of a body of water  where big gators are moving through (we'll still hunt different locations throughout a night - we do not sit in one spot for very long).  If interested, we can also sightfish the alligators with a fishing pole. . . this is a very fun way to harvest some of the larger more weary alligators.    

Meat Processing/Taxidermy/Hide Tanning

We can handle the transportation of alligators to a trusted processor and or freezer after the hunt for no additional charge.  The processor will package and process all meat, and prepare the hide and head for the taxidermist and tannery.  Upon request, we can coordinate pickup and shipment of meat to any location, and transportation of any hides and heads to our favorite tannery or taxidermist.

Processing:  $20 per foot

Hide Tanning:  $18 - $25 per foot (depending on type of leather to be made)

Taxidermy:  *Prices vary - We can send a price list upon request

Wild Boar Hunts

Private Property - Year Round
Public Marsh on Airboats - December through March 4

Hunting Style
Whether it's with a bow handgun, or rifle, wild hog hunting is quite a thrill.  We hunt fair-chase only, and we can hunt out of either an airboat, swamp buggy, ground blind, tree stand, or by stalking or a combination of the above.  All hunts are fully guided, both on private and public lands.  It is up to the hunter to shoot the animal of his or her liking.  We want the entire hunt to be a positive experience, so we do not charge trophy fees or have minimum or maximum size limits requirements. 

Private Land Hunts

When hunting on our private lands, the hunters will meet us at a convenient location close to the entrance of our properties.  We have hunting properties in Merritt Island, Titusville, and Cocoa, Florida.  We enter the property on and drive to the hunting areas in either our hunting buggy or golf cart.  We hunt by different methods on our properties.  We can hunt from the hunting buggy by quetly driving around with the hunter and shooter sitting up top. 

We also do a lot of still hunting over feeders and food plots that are maintained year round.  Our stands are professionally built ladder  and tripod stands that are both safe and comfortable.

Pricing and Hunt Information

$250 per hunter (minimum of two hunters per trip)
The price of the hunt includes one hog per hunter. Additional hogs may be harvested for $100 per animal.

No hunting licenses are needed when hunting on any of our private properties. However, if a hunting license is purchased, hunters may take both bobcats and coyotes, when in season, at no additional charge.  A hunting license and WMA permit may be required for each hunter when hunting on certain areas of public lands out of our airboats.

After the Hunt:
We field-dress each animal at no charge.  We recommend that the hogs are quickly hung in coolers after the hunt, or packed in ice and processed by professional butchers.  We will drop off game, at no additional charge, to a reputable wild game processor.  Please contact us for more information.  Once processed, we can ship the meat to you, you can pick it up from the processor, or we can arrange to have it dropped off to you (if local).  If you want the animal quartered in the field at our cleaning station, we can can assist you in this process.

 We work closely with taxidermists, and can transport your trophy to or refer you to one  of these skilled artists.

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