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 Airboat Rides and Eco-Tours

We are a proud partner of - Airboat Rides Melbourne - Florida's premier Airboat Rides and Eco-Tours!  You WILL have a great time! 

Capt. Mike Tipton is the Owner of Airboat Rides Melbourne and a native son of Florida.

To schedule a trip and for more information please visit:

Trip Time:

  The trip times vary based upon your preference.

Seasons:  All year, with winter being the best time to view the migratory birds.

The St. Johns River Marsh and it's lakes and tributaries in central Florida are hidden treasures.  The landscapes and wildlife out in Florida's "last wilderness" are truly breathtaking.  Our airboats are safe and comfortable, and the rides are smooth and calm.  Earphones are provided for everyone, but are not necessary.   Each of our airboats have seats for three guests, and we'll take both boats and ride together for larger parties. 

If you're an avid birder, family, or outdoors person wanting to view the "real" Florida wilderness up-close and personal, we cater to your wants with a personal "sleigh-ride" through the marsh!  Our airboat rides are not "canned" like most others, and are customized for each individual trip.  We go through the most scenic areas, and stop and admire the wildlife on the way, including areas with hundreds of Florida Alligators sunning themselves on the banks (up-close and personal), and run to where the flocks of wading birds are feeding.  You'll also be able to walk around in some of the dry areas throughout the trip, if desired.

It is common to see dozens of alligators, roseate spoonbills, herons, egrets, ibis's, bald eagles, many species of ducks, fish, wild pigs, deer, and many native plant species on each trip.  Please contact us to set up a customized trip full of excitement and education in Florida's best kept secret.

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